Great awards and party!

Hi team!

Great turnout for our Junior mini meet, awards and party!!  It was messy but lots of fun and glad we could recognize our wonderful team!

I am sorry that we had to rush through the spirit awards because of the construction.  I saved those for last, because that is the most important part of our team.  Winning races and meets are very important, but it is more important to me to be great teammates and work together to help the team, and to be kind.  We all definitely came together to help each other prepare for the meets and clean up afterwards, encourage all of the swimmers and became closer as a team.  I am so proud of what we accomplished together as a team.  Thank you.

Thank you for my generous gift.  You all are so incredibly sweet and kind.  It has been an honor to be your coordinator.  Thank you all for helping me this season!  Our first winning season in a long time and the first of many.  As I said at the beginning of the season, our future is bright!

For those that missed today, we have water bottles personalized for each swimmer as a team gift, and ribbons.  Please stop by this Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, during county practice 9:15-10am and you can pick them up then.

Thank you again for a wonderful season!  I hope everyone has a safe and happy rest of their summer!

Take care,


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