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    Welcome to Registration for Summer 2019!

    Please carefully read each waiver and each of the checkbox options.

    Each swimmer will receive a team shirt and memento at the end of season party.

    Fees for 2019

    1 swimmer: $115 

    2 or more swimmers: $100 each 

    Swimmers 15 & Up: $25 each

    non- MCRA member fee: $25

    We are also requiring each family provide the following:

    6 & under- Gatorade/Powerade 12 oz

    8 & under- case of water- 16.9 oz

    10 & under- case of water- 16.9 oz

    12 & under- case of soda- Coke, Diet, Sprite

    We will sell these at the meets. We will use the leftovers at the team party at the end of the season.  Please bring these to the first practice.

    Please sign up for 5 volunteer shifts. Each shift is one half of a meet. The meets do not run without volunteers. Thank you in advance for your time!!

    If anyone would like to help us keep our costs down, please consider sponsoring us! We have 4 levels of sponsorship:

    Platinum- $400Table at Home meets- May 28th, June 3rd, June 10th

    Link on team website and Facebook exposure

    Company logo on team t-shirt

    Company logo on team banner at home meets

    Gold- $300Link on team website and Facebook exposure

    Company logo on team t-shirt

    Company logo on team banner at home meets

    Silver- $200Company logo on team t-shirt

    Company logo on team banner at home meets

    Bronze- $100Company logo on team banner at home meets

    To become a sponsor, please email Beth directly

    Please visit the Atlanta Swim Academy at your earliest convenience to buy your suit. We will also have a fitting on Thursday May 9th from 4:00 pm - 6:00pm, where suits will be available to try on and parents can place an order. Atlanta Swim Academy 732 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta, GA 30068

    We have the same suit as last year, Dolfin Solid in Royal Blue. The team suit is not required. Orders must be placed by May 9th to guarantee suits back by pictures on May 20th. 

    We are looking forward to a great swim season! Please let us know if you have any questions.


    Beth Moore

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    Boys 5-6

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    Each swimmer that is not a member of the Mountain Creek HOA  will be required to pay an additional $25. If your swimmers are not residents of Mountain Creek please check the box below and your registration will be charged an additional $25 per family.

    Cobb County Code of Conduct

    Code of Conduct:

    Cobb Summer Swim League, Inc. provides an opportunity for children to compete in a wholesome and fun atmosphere. The competition ceases to be fun when adults and swimmers behave in an unacceptable manner. The Cobb Summer Swim League Executive Council has decided that unacceptable behavior will no longer be tolerated. The following rules, regulations, and penalties will be implemented and will be subject to penalties detailed in the Infraction and Penalties section of this manual:

    1. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the fenced pool area during a CSSL meet. It is the Team Coordinator’s responsibility to assure all families are aware of this rule.
      1. Alcoholic beverages inside the fence will cause the meet to be delayed while the offender removes them from the pool deck.
      2. A second offense by the same team will result in forfeiture of the meet and a written warning to the Team.
      3. A third offense will result in the team forfeiting the meet and a fine of $250/incident. The team may choose to pass this fine along to the offender, but the League will require payment prior to any further meet participation by this team.
    2. Unruly, disruptive or unsafe conduct may be cause for removal from the fenced pool area.
    3. Coordinators, coaches and volunteers are to conduct themselves with honesty, responsibility and good sportsmanship or face possible sanction by the CSSL organization.
    4. Please be reminded that jumping in at the end of a swim meet is prohibited and will result in a forfeit.

    For all rules and regulations governing the Cobb County Swim League, please review the document under the "Links" tab on the team website.

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